Pirosmani is russian fashion brand. It resembles a beautiful dark romance with goth elements, draping and exquisite abstract prints combined with oversized tailored pieces. 



The concept ANTIPODIUM: "No fashion, no trends, no season" is the basis of the fashion house.The brand Pirosmani is proud to have freedom from such conventions as seasonality or following trends, because each model is consistently recognizable and always relevant





Все, что меня терзает и уничтожает я могу использовать как энергию творчества. Я большое не отрицаю эмоцию, я ее использую как форму искусства. Страдание ведет к состоянию поиска. Результат поиска — познание

08 APRIL 2017 / 21:00
ST. Petersburg, Arsenal, Komsomola, 2





Depth does not exclude an outer shine.
Infinite content may allow a superficial game. 

The goal of a designer isn't to showcase only clothes, but to activate the viewer's creative perception. To experience an emotional and an artistic shock together. There's no goal in neither charming nor selling, the aim is to aspire and include into an artistic flow. The human body, sculptures and clothes accompanied by experimental sounds fill the podium and interact with the eyes and consciousness of each viewer.


24 OCTOBER 2015 / 22:00