Karmic Icon
AW 2017-18


FW 2016-17


Deep Eyes
Spring-Summer 2016


Broken Shadows
Autumn/Winter 2015-16


Spring/Summer 2015

A moment of depth during an eclipse, when birds become silent and the wind freezes, the gates of fear open up and it seems it will disappear completely, yet the Moon’s disc slowly moves on and a new ray of light appears. I love everything which could be devastated… Everything which could be filled… Everything which can’t be comprehended. Everything, which can’t be forgotten… Pain is the key to the gates of tragic beauty. 


Stendhal Syndrome
Autumn/Winter 2014-15

The impulse of immediate beauty. Beauty, capable of awakening the artist. It may be hidden deep inside and could be obvious at the same time. It gives impulses to the heart and inspires to create. It may be hidden deep inside yet it is so powerful, it’s capable of paving the way forward. I break myself, rip things into tiny pieces to take out the spark hiding inside, on the verge of failure and I may not guess. I could only trust the impulse. 






Spring/Summer 2014

The syncretism of philosophy, painting and fashion. It broadcasts the ideas of the plurality and interosculation of parallel worlds, the illusive nature of our perception. 







The Fall of the Rebel Angels
Autumn/Winter 2013-14

An angel fell from the sky to the Earth because of Beauty and Knowledge, inevitably linked to the Fall. It’s impossible to find out anything new if you always stay somewhere up there, above, without the framework of judgements. The Fall is the route to Knowledge without being categorized as good or bad. 



Hieronymus Bosch
Spring/Summer 2013

[ˌɦijeˈroːnimʏs ˈbɔs] 
The transformation of the hidden into the visible - the magic of creation. 


Autumn/Winter 2012-13

The collection is dedicated to the magic of seeing the thin interrelations in our world. A complex cut, volumetric forms and manual decoration of the fabric make these clothes fantastic. 


Antipodium – Mirror Mask
AW 2010-11

A country of antipodes or the search for a new vision on the other side of the mirror.